Also Presented In This Special Article: What Should We Expect From Marriage? What many people expect from their future spouse to...


Also Presented In This Special Article:

What Should We Expect From Marriage?

The Journey of Love Begins
What many people expect from their future spouse to: a) Be physically attractive. b)Make me feel good about myself. c) Have the same goals that I have. d) Enjoy the same type of recreation that I enjoy. If you’re looking for a marriage mate, there’s nothing wrong with having these expectations. You might even find someone who meets all of them. Realistically, though, over time people change​—and so do circumstances. 
All weddings are creatively unique, it's always a happy moment for the Bride and Groom. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether the Bride and Groom wants to have their wedding event at The Central Park in New York or getting hitched at The Glen Club in Chicago, they will need the services of a professional photographer and videographer also. We are Artlook Photography and Videography service providing professionals and we enjoy travelling to ensure that all our clients get the desired quality services to make their wedding event a successful and memorable experience for all.
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The bottom line: To make a success of marriage, you must expect the unexpected. The good news: Some unexpected aspects of marriage may come as a pleasant surprise. Facts from an experienced couple: “Now that we’re married, I see Maria’s sense of humor in a way that I never fully appreciated while we were dating. Because we don’t take ourselves too seriously, even the problems we’ve encountered seem less significant.”​—Mark. The not-so-good news: Some unexpected aspects of marriage may be unpleasant. Consider an example. Suppose you and your future spouse have a goal to work in a foreign land. But what if, after marriage, your mate develops a serious health problem that puts the goal out of reach? Realistically, that’s possible because “bad things happen to everyone!” No doubt you’d be distressed over your mate’s condition—​and disappointed over not reaching your goal. If such an unexpected circumstance arose, however, you’d simply have to accept reality and adjust. After all, you married a person, not a goal. The bottom line: Life presents to us many challenges and problems, so those who marry will have a measure of “tribulation.” Sometimes that tribulation comes from unexpected circumstances. 
How can you prepare for the unexpected? If you get married, you’ll need two things. 
Obviously, most of our Brides and Groom don't have much details/knowledge about different locations and destinations, as professional photographers we have been serving various couples over the course of time, capturing amazing photographs of awesome couples, we have been to so many destinations and locations and we will help you ensure that any location you select is secure and safe, because we always want our clients to have a memorable day, free from problems.
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A REALISTIC OUTLOOK: No matter how compatible you and your future spouse may be, you should expect that you will not always agree on everything. you will not always have the same priorities. you will not always enjoy the same activities. you will not always feel euphorically in love. Situations such as those listed above are common. But they will not ruin your marriage unless you let them! Remember, the Bible says that love “endures all things” and “never fails.”​ Fact of life: In the end, it’s not the problems you encounter but how you deal with them that will make or break your marriage.
 Destination weddings are just the same ceremony and holds same value as any other wedding ceremony. It takes it's unique style as the Bride and Groom choose to have their wedding celebration somewhat far away from their immediate hometown. Most times the Bride and Groom just want to do something special and unique, save some cost expenses on wedding preparations. Despite the fact that destination weddings can be very expensive, but it all depends on the location selected and the Bride and Groom's wedding plans and arrangements. Many couples have discovered classically unique locations like : Greenhouse loft (event venue) in Chicago, Banquet hall at the Mayors Mansion, Shakespeare Garden Park In San Francisco, Golden Gate Club in San Francisco, Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco and more, that offer moderate costs and provide them with just what they need.  
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A SENSE OF COMMITMENT: If you and your spouse are determined to stay together, come what may, you’ll be better able to weather the unexpected storms.​—Some claim that commitment makes a marriage burdensome. Really, though, it does the opposite! Commitment gives your relationship stability. When the unexpected occurs, you and your spouse will look for solutions, not for the nearest exit. To cultivate a spirit of commitment, you’ll need to think about marriage rationally rather than idealistically. 
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 Rather than imagine yourself as a vacationer who’s lounging on a beach or hiking in the mountains, you had to think of yourself as a resident who is facing both the benefits and the challenges of daily life. That’s how you need to think about marriage. After all, with the passing of time, circumstances may change. No doubt you and your spouse will too. Much of your success will depend on your ability to expect the unexpected and to deal with it when it arises. 
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